Working towards a Holistic Organisational Systems Model

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Hubbard, E-M., C.E. Siemieniuch, M.A. Sinclair and A. Hodgson. 2010. "Working towards a Holistic Organisational Systems Model." Presented at 5th Int. Conf. Systems of Systems Engineering (SoSE), June 22-24, 2010, Loughborough, UK.


This source is considered a primary reference for the following Socio-Technical Features of Systems of Systems article.


This paper presents an integration effort combining a number of soft factors modelling tools and considers the potential impact of such an overall tool in a system of systems environment. The paper introduces the tools developed and how it is envisaged they will work together to provide a comprehensive, coherent output. It is suggested that a suite of interoperable tools of this form could aid the design and operation of organisational systems and ensure they are fit for purpose.

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