Technical Performance Measure (TPM) (glossary)

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(1) Measures of attributes of a system element within the system to determine how well the system or system element is satisfying specified requirements. (Roedler and Jones 2005, 1-65)

(2) A product design assessment, which estimates, through engineering analysis and tests, the values of essential performance parameters of the current design as effected by risk handling actions. (BMP 2012)


(1) Roedler, G. J., and C. Jones. 2005. Technical Measurement: A Collaborative Project of PSM, INCOSE, and Industry. San Diego, CA, USA: Practical Software & Systems Management (PSM)/International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), INCOSE-TP-2003-020-01.

(2) BMP. 2012. "2.8 Risk Monitoring." Accessed September 13, 2012. Available at:



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