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Luzeaux, D. and Ruault, J.R. 2010. Systems of Systems New York, NY, USA: John Wiley & Sons.


  • Systems of Systems - reference by Lefever (current article)
  • system of systems (sos)system of systems (sos) - SEBoK definition for the term "system of system"
  • Systems of Systems (SoS) - SEBoK knowledge area covering the scope of systems engineering


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This book provides a multidisciplinary introduction to system of systems (SoS) and addresses the concept and practical illustrations discussed extensively in the current scientific and technical literature. The book presents strategies to understand how complex SoS can be realized and mastered. The book also presents methods and tools focused on SoS engineering and modeling, including eliciting stakeholder needs, architecture optimization, integration of constituent systems, qualification, and utilization.

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