NASA's Systems Engineering Competencies

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Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL). 2009. NASA's Systems Engineering Competencies. Washington, D.C.: U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Association. Available at:


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There currently is no one systems engineering competency model that is globally applicable and accepted widely within the discipline of systems engineering. To the contrary, the topic on Roles and Competencies has shown the best practice is for an organization to develop its own systems engineering competency model after evaluating its own needs with its stakeholders, organization, and workforce and within the context of its complete environment, e.g., economic, social, political. Nevertheless, the process of developing an organization's systems engineering competency model can be greatly informed and aided by evaluating the systems engineering competency models of other publicly available models. Consequently, the NASA systems engineering competency model is offered as an example of an organization that performs systems engineering projects on earth and space exploration, technology development, and scientific research.

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