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Bernus, P., N. Laszlo, and G. Schmidt (eds.). 2003. Handbook on Enterprise Architecture. Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany: Springer-Verlag.


This source is considered a primary reference for the Enterprise Systems Engineering article.


The Handbook is intended to serve as a guide to enterprise engineers and other practitioners responsible for, or involved with, architecting in an enterprise context. The work is divided into five parts as follows:

  • Part I devoted to the Generalized Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology (GERAM) as expressed in ISO 15704:2000 Annex A, its development by the IFIP/IFAC Task Force on Enterprise Integration, and its relationship to other enterprise frameworks.
  • Part II provides guidance with strategy making and business planning.
  • Part III presents modeling as a means for defining the requirements for enterprise change.
  • Part IV moves forward from requirements to developing the master plan – architectural design of the changed enterprise with techniques for architecting the desired change.
  • Part V is a series of case studies that utilize the guidance from the previous sections.

As a collection of articles focusing on enterprise expression and transformation throughout its life time while undergoing several life cycles within and across its constituent systems, the practitioner is provided with many useful methods and references to many more. The concepts presented apply equally well for other approaches. This Handbook provides both breadth and depth in addressing the topic of enterprise architecture and the engineering of enterprise interoperability.

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