Governance (glossary)

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(1) System by which organizations [or systems] are directed and controlled. (ISO/IEC 2008, 1.6.2)

(2) Organizational chains of responsibility, authority, and communication for executing measurement and control mechanisms to effectively drive the organization and enable people to perform roles their respective roles and responsibilities. (Cantor 2006)

(3) A decision-making process that defines the responsibility and authority of decision makers and stakeholders for identifying, defining, discussing, making, and implementing decisions in the face of complex problems, multiple stakeholders with diverse and conflicting objectives, and resource constraints. For engineering governance, the problem complexity usually includes significant technology complexity. (Created for SEBoK)


(1) ISO/IEC. 2008. Corporate governance of information technology. ISO/IEC 38500:2008. Accessed on 11 September 2012. Available at

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(3) This definition was developed for the SEBoK.



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