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A series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order; or move in or follow a regularly repeated sequence of events. (Oxford English Dictionary, 2020)


Oxford English Dictionary. 2020. s.v. "Cycle". “Cycles define and make things. Equally things contain Cycles.” (Volk 1995) “A Temporal Pattern” (Mobus and Kalton 2015)


Movement and evolution are fundamental in the dynamics of nature and thus cycles are evident, almost or even absolutely, everywhere.

Due to its generality, Cycle is a key concept for Systemists, in our communication, in our thinking and our engagement with systems. The repetition of natural law and associated behaviour in mechanical systems, and other examples of objective-subjective or system-context cycles are important in systems science. Cyclical phenomena are studied in several different ways in different sciences, e.g. dynamics, biology, sociology, cosmology etc.

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