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This version of the SEBoK was released 30 October 2020. This is a minor release, including two new articles: Brief History of Systems Engineering and Portfolio Management. A number of additional minor edits, including a new overview graphic for the SEBoK, clean up of existing pages, software updates, etc. were incorporated.

Content and Feature Updates for v. 2.3

As we have mentioned in previous briefings, the “Top 10 Most Viewed Pages” shifts from month to month. I find it interesting to understand what knowledge is being sought after in the SEBoK. So, in that spirit, here are the Top 10 pages viewed for September 2020:

Types of Models Types of Systems Stakeholder Needs and Requirements System Requirements Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Systems of Systems (SoS) Life Cycle Models System Life Cycle Process Models: Vee System Architecture Systems Engineering Overview So, what is new in this 14th release?

When you go to the top pages of each Part, you will find a new graphic. The old graphic needed to be retired so we could add Part 8 which first appeared in the last release. This graphic reflects the connectivity of the multiple parts of the SEBoK.

We moved to a newer version of the underlying Mediawiki platform that fixes bugs and improves performance, fixed typos in a number of articles, and made numerous other small housekeeping updates. More importantly, the major content changes in this version are:

A new article on Cycles and the Cyclic Nature of Systems in Part 2/Systems Science/ provided by Gary Smith (Part 2 Lead Editor) You will find a new article on Portfolio Management in Part 6/SE and Project Management/ provided by Eric Speckling, Greg Parnell and Ed Pohl. Thanks to Holly Handley from ODU for updating the Human Systems Integration article in Part 6/SE and Specialty Engineering/. We have added five new videos to the Part 6/SE and Specialty Engineering/Security Engineering article. These videos were created by Keith Willett, with support from the INCOSE Systems Security Engineering Working Group.

BKCASE Governing Board

The three SEBoK steward organizations – the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Systems Council (IEEE-SYSC), and the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) provide the funding and resources needed to sustain and evolve the SEBoK and make it available as a free and open resource to all. The stewards appoint the BKCASE Governing Board to be their primary agents to oversee and guide the SEBoK and its companion BKCASE product, GRCSE.

The BKCASE Governing Board includes:

  • The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
    • Art Pyster (Governing Board Chair), Paul Frenz
  • Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)
    • Jon Wade, Cihan Dagli
  • IEEE Systems Council (IEEE-SYSC)
    • Stephanie White, Bob Rassa

Past INCOSE governors Bill Miller, Kevin Forsberg, David Newbern, David Walden, Courtney Wright, Dave Olwell, Ken Nidiffer, Richard Fairley, Massood Towhidnejad, John Keppler. The governors would also like to acknowledge Andy Chen and Rich Hilliard, IEEE Computer Society, who were instrumental in helping the Governors to work within the IEEE CS structure and who supported the SEBoK transition to the IEEE Systems Council.

The stewards appoint the SEBoK Editor in Chief to manage the SEBoK and oversee the Editorial Board.

Editorial Board

The SEBoK Editorial Board is chaired by the Editor in Chief, who provide the strategic vision for the SEBoK. The EIC is supported by a group of Editors, each of whom are responsible for a specific aspect of the SEBoK. The Editorial Board is supported by the Managing Editor, who handles all day-to-day operations. The EIC, Managing Editor, and Editorial Board are supported by a student, Madeline Haas, whose hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.

SEBoK Editor in Chief
Rob cloutier bio photo.jpg

Robert J. Cloutier

University of South Alabama

Responsible for the appointment of SEBoK Editors and for the strategic direction and overall quality and coherence of the SEBoK.

SEBoK Managing Editor
Hutchison profilephoto.png

Nicole Hutchison

Systems Engineering Research Center  or

Responsible for the the day-to-day operations of the SEBoK and supports the Editor in Chief.

Each Editor has his/her area(s) of responsibility, or shared responsibility, highlighted in the table below.

SEBoK Part 1: SEBoK Introduction
Lead Editor: Robert J. Cloutier

University of South Alabama
SEBoK Part 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering
Lead Editor: Gary Smith

Assistant Editor: Dov Dori

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)

Responsible for the Representing Systems with Models knowledge area

Assistant Editor: Duane Hybertson


Jointly responsible for the Systems Fundamentals, Systems Science and Systems Thinking knowledge areas.

Assistant Editor: Peter Tuddenham

College of Exploration (USA)

Assistant Editor: Cihan Dagli

Missouri University of Science & Technology (USA)

Responsible for the Systems Approach Applied to Engineered Systems knowledge areas.

SEBoK Part 3: Systems Engineering and Management
Assistant Editor: Barry Boehm

University of Southern California (USA)

Jointly responsible for the Systems Engineering Management and Life Cycle Models knowledge areas

Assistant Editor: Kevin Forsberg

OGR Systems

Jointly responsible for the Systems Engineering Management and Life Cycle Models knowledge areas

Assistant Editor: Gregory Parnell

University of Arkansas (USA)

Responsible for Systems Engineering Management knowledge area.

Assistant Editor: Garry Roedler

Lockheed Martin (USA)

Responsible for the Concept Definition and System Definition knowledge areas.

Assistant Editor: Phyllis Marbach

Incose LA (USA)

Assistant Editor: Ken Zemrowski


Responsible for the Systems Engineering Standards knowledge area.

SEBoK Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering
Lead Editor: Tom McDermott

Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)
Assistant Editor: Judith Dahmann

MITRE Corporation (USA)

Jointly responsible for Product Systems Engineering and Systems of Systems (SoS) knowledge areas.

Assistant Editor: Michael Henshaw

Loughborough University (UK)

Jointly responsible for Product Systems Engineering and Systems of Systems (SoS) knowledge areas

Assistant Editor: James Martin

The Aerospace Corporation

Responsible for the Enterprise Systems Engineering knowledge area.

SEBoK Part 5: Enabling Systems Engineering
Lead Editor: Nicole Hutchison

Systems Engineering Research Center
Assistant Editor: Emma Sparks

Cranfield University

Jointly responsible for the Enabling Individuals and Enabling Teams knowledge areas.

Assistant Editor: Rick Hefner

California Institute of Technology

Assistant Editor: Bernardo Delicado


SEBoK Part 6: Related Disciplines
Lead Editor: Art Pyster

George Mason University (USA)
SEBoK Part 7: Systems Engineering Implementation Examples
Lead Editor: Clif Baldwin

FAA Technical Center

SEBoK Part 8: Emerging Knowledge
Lead Editor: Daniel DeLaurentis

Purdue University

Student Support

Madeline Haas, a student at George Mason University, is currently supporting the SEBoK and we gratefully acknowledge her exemplary efforts. Ms. Haas has also taken responsibility for managing the Emerging Research knowledge area of the SEBoK. The EIC and Managing Editor are very proud of the work Madeline has done and look forward to continuing to work with her.