What are the General Principles Applicable to Systems?

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Hitchins, D. 2009. "What are the General Principles Applicable to Systems?". INCOSE Insight. 12(4): 59-63.


System Concepts (Knowledge Area)

Derek Hitchins is a respected authority and author on systems theory and Systems Engineering, particularly the engineering of complex systems. This article provides an overview of the concepts used across Systems Engineering, it give a good set of references to follow up the ideas in more detail. This article was prepared for the INCOSE Insight magazine as part of an INCOSE Fellows project to address certain areas of interest in Systems Engineering.

Overview of System Concepts

In particular, this articles describes the main system concepts relevant to Systems Engineering

Systems Approach

The general principles applicable to systems in this article become the basis for the Systems Approach to be discussed later.

Synthesis of a System

This article shows how the general principles applicable to systems can be used in the syntheis of a system within the Systems Approach.

Applying the Systems Approach

This article describes the general pronciples applicable to system that are later incorporated in Systems Engineering which is the application of the Systems Approach for engineered systems.

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