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<blockquote>''Ability of a [[Product (glossary)|product]], [[Service (glossary)|service]], [[System (glossary)|system]], [[Component (glossary)|component]], or [[Process (glossary)|process]] to meet [[Customer (glossary)|customer]] or [[User (glossary)|user]] needs, expectations, or Requirement (glossary)|requirements]]''</blockquote>
<blockquote>''Ability of a [[Product (glossary)|product]], [[Service (glossary)|service]], [[System (glossary)|system]], [[Component (glossary)|component]], or [[Process (glossary)|process]] to meet [[Customer (glossary)|customer]] or [[User (glossary)|user]] needs, expectations, or [[Requirement (glossary)|requirements]]''</blockquote>

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Ability of a product, service, system, component, or process to meet customer or user needs, expectations, or requirements


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