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(Organization and Mapping of Case Studies to the SEBoK)
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The following matrix maps the SEBoK Systems Engineering Implementation Examples to topics in the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK), primarily Part 3. It provides both a list of potential systems engineering implementation examples for topics of interest, and a list of relevant topics for each implementation example. Since the number of topics in the SEBoK is extensive, only a subset are included here for clarity. For additional information, see the implementation example of interest and the corresponding SEBoK topic.

Organization and Mapping of Case Studies to the SEBoK

The following short titles shown in Table 1 (Developed for BKCASE) are used for the implementation examples:

Table 1. Short Titles for the SEBoK Case Studies and Vignettes. (SEBoK Original)
Case Studies Vignettes
HST Hubble Space Telescope Bag Handling Denver Airport Baggage Handling System
GPS Global Positioning System VA Sub Virginia Class Submarine
Radiation Medical Radiation Route Mod UK West Coast Route Modernisation Project
FBI VCF FBI Virtual Case File System Water Mgmt Singapore Water Management
MSTI Miniature Seeker Technology Integration FAA AAS FAA Advanced Automation System
Infusion Pump Next Generation Medical Infusion Pump Light Rail Standard Korean Light Transit System

Table 2 shows how the topics (each row) align with the implementation examples (each column).

Table 2. Implementation Examples. Coverage of SEBoK Topics for Each Case Study and Vignette. (SEBoK Original)
SEBoK Topic (Part 3) HST GPS Radiation FBI VCF MSTI Infusion Pump Bag Handling VA Sub Route Mod Water Mgmt FAA AAS Light Rail
Business or Mission Analysis X X X X X
Stakeholder Needs and Requirements X X X X X
System Requirements X X X X X X X
Logical Architecture Design X X X X X X X X
Physical Architecture Design X X X X X X X X
System Analysis X X X X X
System Implementation X X
System Integration X X X X X X
System Verification X X X X X X X
System Validation X X X X X X X
System Deployment X X
Operation of the System X X X X
System Maintenance X
Logistics X
Planning X X X X X X X X
Assessment and Control X X X X X
Risk Management X X X X X X X X X X
Measurement X X
Decision Management X X X X
Configuration Management X X X X
Information Management X
Quality Management X


Works Cited


Primary References


Additional References


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