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#REDIRECT [[Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)]]
'''<font color='red'>This version of the SEBoK is locked and under development.  Only users with credentials may enter this site.  To view the most current version of the SEBoK, please visit</font> [http://www.sebokwiki.org Current SEBoK].'''
<center>'''SEBoK v. 2.7, released 31 October 2022'''</center>
On behalf of [[Acknowledgements|the more than 70 authors]], the editors, and the three SEBoK steward organizations – the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE-CS), and the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) – welcome to the ''Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)'' version 1.1.1. This version was released 14 June 2013, and contains [[Release History|a small number of content changes]] and wiki additions to version 1.1, which was released in April 2013.
The SEBoK provides a compendium of the [[Primary References|key knowledge sources and references]] of systems engineering, organized and explained to assist a wide variety of users.  It is a living document, accepting [[SEBoK Review and Adjudication |community input]] continuously, and [[Editors' Note|regularly refreshed and updated]].
==About Systems Engineering==
[[Systems Engineering (glossary)|Systems engineering]] is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. Separate articles in [[SEBoK v. 1.1 Introduction|Part 1]] provide an [[Systems Engineering Overview|overview of systems engineering]], place it in [[Systems Engineering: Historic and Future Challenges|historical context]], and discuss its [[Economic Value of Systems Engineering| economic value]].
Systems engineering has roots in [[Systems |systems science]]. Major sections (called knowledge areas (KAs)) in [[Systems |Part 2]] discuss [[Systems Fundamentals]], [[Systems Thinking]], [[Representing Systems with Models]], and the [[Systems Approach Applied to Engineered Systems]].
==About the SEBoK==
The SEBoK is organized into [[SEBoK Table of Contents|7 parts]], with a [[Glossary of Terms]] and a list of [[Primary References]]. 
* [[SEBoK v. 1.1.1 Introduction|Part 1]] discusses the [[Scope of the SEBoK]], and its [[Structure of the SEBoK|structure]], including its hierarchy of parts, [http://www.sebokwiki.org/1.0/index.php/Category:Knowledge_Area knowledge areas], and [http://www.sebokwiki.org/1.0/index.php/Category:Topic topics].  Part 1 also includes a lengthy discussion of [[SEBoK Users and Uses]], including five [http://www.sebokwiki.org/1.0/index.php/Category:Use_Case use cases]. 
The other parts include:
* Part 2 [[Systems]]
* Part 3 [[Systems Engineering and Management]]
* Part 4 [[Applications of Systems Engineering]]
* Part 5 [[Enabling Systems Engineering]]
* Part 6 [[Related Disciplines]]
* Part 7 [[Systems Engineering Implementation Examples]]
As a compendium, much of the content has restricted intellectual property rights.  This [[Bkcase Wiki:Copyright |copyright information]] is placed on each page, and must be respected. The SEBoK copyright is held by the Trustees of the Stevens Institute of Technology, and plans for the transfer of the copyright are discussed in the [[Editors' Note]].
As a living document, at the bottom of each page, version identification can be found in a link called "[[About SEBoK v. 1.1|About SEBoK 1.1]]."
A PDF of SEBoK v. 1.1 and the older SEBoK v. 1.0 may be downloaded at [[Download SEBoK PDF]]. Please note that a new PDF is not generated for micro releases, such as v. 1.1.1.
There is a link in the left margin under ''Quicklinks'' explaining how to [[Cite the SEBoK]] correctly.
==About the Sandbox==
The SEBoK is a moderated wiki.  Comments are accepted on each page.  To provide a larger forum for users to propose new content or revisions to existing content, the BKCASE editors are also developing a 'Sandbox'. The Sandbox is expected to be operational by late summer, 2013.  When the Sandbox is operational, a micro-release will update the SEBoK with links to it.
==Using the SEBoK==
Articles in the SEBoK can be found by using the ''Search'' field in the upper right corner of each page, as well as through the ''Quicklinks'', ''Outline'', and ''Navigation'' menus in the left margin of each page.
Detailed instructions about the page layout and features are found in [[How to Read the SEBoK]].
==Contact the Editors==
Comments can be left on any page by using the [http://help.disqus.com/ DISQUS] feature.  These are periodically reviewed.  Comments can be flagged in DISQUS, which will result in a faster review by the editors. 
Email may be sent to [mailto:bkcase@stevens.edu  bkcase@stevens.edu].
<center>[[SEBoK v. 1.1 Introduction|Go to Part 1 >]]</center>
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