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A very warm welcome to you if you are a returning SEBoK user, and in particular to anyone new to the SEBoK. As BKCASE Editor in Chief (EIC) I have overall responsibility for the continuing review and update of the SEBoK. Many thanks to the BKCASE Governors and the current members of the Editorial Board for their support during my first year in the job.

SEBoK v. 1.3.1

SEBoK v. 1.3.1 is a micro release which continues our commitment to regular review of the information referenced in our Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge. Some of the updates planned for a minor update to create SEBoK v. 1.4 have been delayed by external factors. In particular updates to key external sources such as ISO/IEC/IEEE. Systems and Software Engineering -- System Life Cycle Processes and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook v. 4.0 will have a significant knock on effect for the SEBoK. Other activities within our sponsoring organizations on key topics such as model based systems engineering (MBSE), systems of systems, systems engineering leadership, etc. must also be carefully considered before they are incorporated into our guide. Work has already begun on new and revised material to reflect these changes within the wider knowledge base from which the SEBoK is drawn. As these updates are completed and reviewed you will begin to see them included from SEBoK in v. 1.4, now planned for Spring 2015.

While work on new content continues we also have our ongoing activity of lower level review and engagement with the community. From this we have identified a number of smaller updates to references, terminology and organization of knowledge. These changes have been implemented in v 1.3.1. For full details of all articles affected by this update go to Acknowledgements and Release History.

Future Direction for SEBoK

In the foreword to SEBoK v. 1.3 I described the "core group of dedicated and knowledgeable contributing authors and reviewers" who make up the BKCASE community. It has been my privilege over the last 12 months to continue working with and grow this community and to expand our relationships with key organizations and groups both within systems engineering and outside of it.

The role of the Editorial Board is to work with this community of interest on an ongoing review of the current SEBoK content and structure and to develop plans for its maintenance and evolution. Our overall goals in evolving the SEBoK remain broadly the same as those outlined in the previous SEBoK updates. I have restated and slightly modified those goals below:

We continue to work towards ensuring that our coverage of existing systems engineering knowledge is complete and to push the boundaries of that knowledge into new approaches and domains. I also want to strengthen further our links to all members of the systems engineering community through things like the SEBoK Sandbox. If you are interested in any of the activity discussed above or if you have other topics which we should be considering please contact me or the appropriate member of the Editorial Board directly or use one of the available feedback mechanisms.

We have made a good start on gathering review comments and content suggestions from as wide a variety of individuals as possible to make the SEBoK a truly community-led product. Thank you to all those who have already joined this effort and I continue to look forward to working with many of you on future SEBoK releases.

Thank you,

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