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The baseline file structure was created in April 2011 after BKCASE Workshop VI.

The article structure can be found at SEBoK Table of Contents.

Configuration Management Process

The CM form (below) is to be used if you would like to request that a change be made to the article structure of the SEBoK wiki ( This may entail additions, deletions, or renaming of an article.

The configuration management process is:

  • Agreement of need for change by your part team lead.
  • Completion of the CM Form (Click here to download).
  • Submission of the form to (Please save form with your initials before submitting.)
  • Submissions will be forwarded to the CM Board. The CM Board has 48 hours to suggest alternatives or veto the decision; otherwise, after 48 hours, the submission will be approved.

There is one exception to this process: if the request is simply to correct a typographical error, such as a misspelling, in an article title, the CM Board will not need to approve the change. However, the rest of the process must be followed.

When changes are approved, they will be made within 24 hours by the wiki team. The author team will be notified of the changes when they are complete.

CM Form

The CM form must be completed in order for changes to be made. The form is based in MS Word and should be filled out completely before submission. Please save the form with your initials in the file name before submitting.

The form can be downloaded here.

CM Requests Received

As change requests are received, they will be documented here.

CM Matrix - Matrix showing the CM Requests and Adjudications Received to Date
Requestor Request Summary Adjudication Changes Made
Example: Nicole Hutchison Example: Add a Help Page for Configuration Management Example: Approved Example: 5/3/11
Nicole Hutchison Error Correction: Remove page "Systems Architecting versus Design" Approved 5/6/11
Nicole Hutchison Error Correction: Change Transportability from "Subtopic" to "Topic" Approved 5/19/11
Rick Adcock Change "System Principles" to "System Concepts" Approved 5/23/11
Rick Adcock Delete Outline of "System Concepts" and replace with
  • Concepts Related to Systems
  • Concepts Related to System Relationships
  • Complexity and Emergence
Approved 5/23/11
Scott Jackson Delete Outline of "Systems Approach" and replace with:
  • Exploring a Problem or Opportunity
  • System Analysis
  • Synthesis of a System
  • Proving a System
  • Incremental Problem or Opportunity Resolution
Approved 5/23/11
Nicole Hutchison Delete all Part 1 articles (except the Part 1 Part level article and replace with:
  • Context and Purpose of the SEBoK
  • Scope of the SEBoK
  • SE and Other Engineering Disciplines
  • A Short History of SE: Challenge and Response
  • Key SE Principles and Practices
  • Origins of the SEBoK
  • SEBoK Users and Uses
  • Another Scope Dimension: Domain-Independent Knowledge
  • Intertwined Disciplines and the SEBoK
  • Scope and Guidance for the Construction of the SEBoK
  • Structure of SEBoK version 0.5
  • Next steps
Approved 5/20/11
Alice Squires Change the Part 4 Structure to:
  • Part Introduction: Enabling the Organization to Perform Systems Engineering
    • KA Introduction: Organizational Strategy for Performing Systems Engineering
      • Topic: Value Proposition for Performing Systems Engineering
      • Topic: Organizational Purpose
      • Topic: Systems Engineering Governance
    • KA Introduction: Enabling Individuals to Perform Systems Engineering
      • Topic: Systems Engineering Competencies and Performance of Individuals
      • Topic: Systems Engineering Development of Individuals
      • Topic: Ethical Systems Engineering
    • KA Introduction: Enabling Teams, Projects and Programs to Perform Systems Engineering (Dick, Ken)
      • Topic: Organizing Teams, Projects, and Programs to Perform Systems Engineering Activities
      • Topic: Determining Needed Systems Engineering Competencies for Projects and Programs and the Resulting Influences on Enabling Systems Engineering Teams
      • Topic: Developing and Improving Systems Engineering Capabilities Within Teams, Projects, and Programs
    • KA Introduction: Enabling Businesses and Enterprises to Perform Systems Engineering (Richard, Hillary)
      • Topic: Organizing BEs to Perform Systems Engineering Activities
      • Topic: Deciding on Desired Systems Engineering Capabilities within BEs
      • Topic: Developing and Improving Systems Engineering Capabilities Within BEs
Approved 5/23/11
Alice Squires Add topic "Culture" under Part 4, Business and Enterprise Knowledge Area Approved 5/27/11
Sandy Friendenthal Corrective Change of Topic Name: "Why model?" to "Why Model". Approved 6/6/11
Sandy Friendenthal Change Topic "Representing Systems with a System Model" to "System Modeling Concepts" Approved 6/6/11
Heidi Davidz Change Part 5 outline of Case Studies and Vignettes to:
  • Case Studies
    • Hubble Space Telescope Case Study
    • Global Positioning System Case Study
    • Medical Radiation Case Study
    • FBI Virtual Case File System Case Study
    • International Space Station Case Study
    • MSTI Case Study
    • Space Shuttle Case Study
    • Korean Light Rail Case Study
  • Vignettes
    • Denver Airport Baggage Handling System Vignette
    • GE Birth of IDEF Vignette
    • Virginia Class Submarine Vignette
    • UK West Coast Route Modernisation Project Vignette
Approved 6/6/11
Alain Faisandier Request to change structure of System Definition KA to:
  • Topic: Fundamentals - Requirements and Design
  • Topic: Fundamentals - Process approach
  • Topic: Stakeholder Requirements
    • Sub topic: Principles
    • Sub topic: Process approach
  • Topic: System Requirements
    • Sub topic: Principles
    • Sub topic: Process approach
  • Topic: Architectural Design
    • Sub topic: Principles - Functional design
    • Sub topic: Principles - Physical design
    • Sub topic: Process approach
  • Topic: System Analysis
    • Sub topic: Principles
    • Sub topic: Process approach
  • Topic: System Architecting
    • Sub topic: Principles
    • Sub topic: Process approach
  • Topic: Practical Considerations (general)
Declined - The approving part leader did not review or approve the proposed changes and desires more time to do so to ensure consistency with the rest of Part 3. The request suggests major realignment in the KA and it is the part leader's suggestion that the the Part leadership discuss the changes at the next leadership meeting.This change is declined at present. 6/6/11 N/A
Heidi Davidz Change the Structure of "Enabling the Organization to Perform Systems Engineering" KA to:
  • Systems Engineering Competencies
  • Competency Assessment
  • Systems Engineering Development of Individuals.
Approved 6/6/11
Rick Adcock Update the outline of the Systems Engineering Challenges KA to:
  • Systems Engineering Success Factors
  • Complex System Challenges
  • Dynamically Chaging Systems
  • Interoperability and Network Centric Systems
  • Evolutionary Systems
Approved 6/9/11
Nicole Hutchison Restructuring resulting from Workshop VII. Please see Updated Wiki Outline. Approved (agreement at workshop) 6/18/11
Nicole Hutchison Corrective changes for Part 6
  • Change: Part title to "Related Disciplines"
  • Add: "Integration of Specialty Disciplines"
  • Change: "Human Systems Integration" to "Human-Systems Integration"
  • Change: "Electro-Magnetic Interference/Electro-Magnetic Compatability" to "Electromagnetic" (remove hyphens)
  • Add: Resilience (using previous content)
  • Change: "Manufacturability and Reparability" to "Manufacturability and Repairability"
  • Add: Sustainability
approved 6/22/11
Alain Faisandier Add: "Fundamentals of System Definition" Approved

Special note: Three CM board members noted that it is preferred the KA Systems Definition be the only KA with its own Fundamental topic. It was agreed upon at the workshop that all other KAs will include fundamentals content in their respective introductory article.

Alain Faisandier Modify: "Stakeholders Requirements" now "Mission Analysis and Stakeholders Requirements" Approved 7/6/11
Bud Lawson Modify: List of topics for Service Systems Engineering Approved 7/15/11
Dick Fairley
  • Add "Systems Engineering and Marketing/Sales" to follow "Systems Engineering and Procurement/Acquisition"
  • Modify "Specialy Disciplines" to "Systems Engineering and Specialty Engineering"
  • Modify "Safety" to "Safety Engineering"
  • Modify "Security" to "Security Engineering"
  • Modify System Assurance" to "Quality Engineering"
  • Modify "Resilience" to "Resilience Engineering"
  • Modify "Manufacturability and Repairability" to "Manufacturability and Producibility"
  • Add Workplace Engineering
  • Add Disposal Engineering
  • Delete "Sustainability"
rescinded - please see resubmission below
Rick Adcock
  • Delete System Perspectives (currently blank)
  • Add Systems Thinking
  • Change "Concepts Related to Systems" to "Overview of Systems Concepts"
  • Delete Concepts Related to Systems Relationships (currently blank)
  • Change "Complexity and Emergency" to "Complexity" and
    • Add a new article for "Emergence"
Approved 7/17/11
Heidi Davidz
  • Add Case Study: Next Generation Medical Infusion Pump Case Study
  • Add Vignette: FAA AAS Vignette
Approved 7/17/11
Dick Fairley Update the outline of Part 6 to remove placeholders, replacing them with official article titles. Also, adjust the structure of specialty disciplines. Specifically, the outline should be:
  • Systems Engineering and Software Engineering
    • The Nature of Software
    • An Overview of the SWEBOK Guide
    • Software Engineering and Systems Engineering: Similarities and Differences
  • Systems Engineering and Project Management
    • An Overview of Project Management
    • Systems Engineering Project Management
  • Systems Engineering and Acquisition/Procurement
  • Systems Engineering and Marketing/Sales
  • Systems Engineering and Specialty Engineering
    • Integration of Specialty Engineering
    • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
    • Human-Systems Integration
    • Safety Engineering
    • Security Engineering
    • System Assurance
    • Quality Engineering
    • Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • Resilience Engineering
    • Manufacturability and Producibility
    • Workplace Engineering
    • Disposal Engineering
Modified - The first topic under the second KA will be "Systems Engineering and Project Management: Similarities and Differences" for consistency. 7/17/11
Nicole Hutchison Corrective: Add "Enterprise Systems Engineering Background" under "Enterprise Systems Engineering" KA approved 7/18/11
Heidi Davidz Change the Korean Light Rail Case Study to a Vignette Post-Lock Approval from the Co-PIs 7/21/11
Heidi Davidz Delete the Space Shuttle Case Study - not enough materials available Post-Lock Approval from the Co-PIs 8/3/11
Dave Olwell Delete placeholder articles under "product systems engineering". Post-Lock Approval from the Co-PIs 8/12/11
Heidi Davidz Delete International Space Station Case Study Posted-Lock Approval from the Co-PIs 8/15/11
Tim Ferris Add new Part 5 article SE Education in v1.1. Approved by EIC and Co-EIC 3/8/13
Administrator Update title to Systems Engineering Education from SE Education. Approved 3/9/13