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Systems engineering (SE) principles described in the SEBoK Parts 1-6 are illustrated in Part 7, Systems Engineering Implementation Examples. These examples describe the application of systems engineering practices, principles, and concepts in real settings. These examples can be used to improve the practice of systems engineering by illustrating to students and practitioners the benefits of effective practice and the risks of poor practice.

The SEBoK systems engineering implementation examples are grouped in two categories: case studies and vignettes. The SEBoK examines case studies previously published by external sources and demonstrates the real world examples of systems engineering principles that are present in these studies. The vignettes are short wiki articles written specifically for the SEBoK. These vignettes were developed to illustrate the applicability of systems engineering principles in a broader range of domains and geographic locations.

A matrix is used to map the implementation examples to topics in the SEBoK. This matrix maps each implementation example to the discussion of the specific systems engineering principles illustrated.

List of Vignettes

The following vignettes are included:



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