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Some people think it will be a planet that will pass us in space. This planet has two names: Planet-X and Nibiru. It's the unknown world in our solar system, Nibru has a totally different orbit path to ours but every 3,630 years these two planets will meet. Just a harmless passing? No! if this theory is correct then be prepared for mayor earthquakes, tsunamis and violent whether as Nibru crosses through our orbit line. It would be an amazing sight to actually see another planet up close, it will be seen in the skies all around the world. But could this plant be inhabited by a new race of being, much more high tech then ourselves? This is another theory that's being tossed around, not only is this planet inhabited by an advanced alien race called the giants, but these being are also our creators! The last time they came to our world it was during the pyramid times, they were seen as gods amongst us and were worshiped by humans. People build pyramids to honor time, hence the reason why nearly every continent has its own pyramid. The giants are a race to be feared, they care nothing for us and see us as we would see dirty rats. The only thing they want to do to us is to enslave us. There is much more to this story then what you read here. What the two theories above have in common is that they were predicted by the Mayan calendar.